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"She was a day-of surprise that none of our guest knew about and was the most-talked about thing to this day.


Her professionalism and artistry is truly something that cannot be described by words."

-Chelsea & Matthew-

Photographer: John Lawson 

Are you ready to create a family heirloom at your wedding?
Canada, Ontario and Beyond


Photographer: Daniela Mileto Photography 


Photographer: Daniela Mileto Photography 

"The painting is not only beautiful but feels like us."

Secure my date

Secure my date.


  • Please review all my packages and prices before submitting.

  • For the USA or international inquiries, package smaller than 24x30 is not available.


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meet the artist

Meet the artist.

Hi there!

Your wedding painter, Eunjin here.

First of all, thank you so much for being here :)

I'm based in Owen Sound, ON, Canada

but would love to travel to where you are!

I'm originally from Korea and art universities usually require you to know how to portrait objects or human figures accurately during entrance exams. I've trained for years for that purpose with the mediums, water colour and pencil. After getting into the university, I got into teaching and I've helped my students achieve their goals for almost 10 years. This is where my detail orientation skills came from.


From this experience, I never realized the emotional impact of my artistic talent until I received numerous heartfelt reactions through my locally-run pet portrait business. It was a profound realization for me. I discovered that my skills extend beyond teaching; they have the power to bring genuine joy to people's lives. And now, I'm here to help make your day even more memorable and happy

​As you know, art is very subjective. It's crucial to research many artists to find your preferred art style. If you're the type of person who says, 'I'd like my wedding painting to realistically capture us with lots of detail without losing aesthetic pleasure,' then I'm the artist for you.

Can't wait to meet you !

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